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Evening Team Building Event Ideas

It can be quite a daunting challenge when you are given the responsibility of organising an evening team building event – as peoples expectations can vary massively. Panic over – Zing Events are specialists in providing team building events across the UK and Europe that are captivating, inclusive and are of course memorable for being fantastic!

There are of course a few factors to take into consideration…

1. Do we have a suitable venue? – (No problem as Zing provide a Venue Finding service at no extra charge as we have great relationships with a whole host of quirky venues across the UK).

2. Is this team building activity over dinner or as a short and sharp talking point? - (Zing have a variety of Evening Events to fit different agendas).

3. Do we have the budget? - (Whilst we have a large portfolio of events with different prices, we are recognised as a competitively priced team building company. We won’t be beaten on price!)

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iPad team building

Zing Events are pleased to announce that we now offer a team building activity that utilises the very latest development in technology – the Apple iPad.

Until now, corporate entertainment has been largely paper-based and in the words of a recent YouGov Uk survey, both outdated and awkward.

Our “iPad – Go Viral!” is as equally thought provoking as our other team building activities, but has teams filming in full 1080p HD, creating footage that is of a standard to compete with the likes of  YouTube phenomenon’s such as “Charlie bit my finger” which has achieved exposure in the region of 100, 000, 000 views. Take a moment to imagine that sort of free exposure for your business…

This team building concept provides the perfect blend of creativity, business focus, fun and teamwork; CHECK OUT what our clients have said!


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London team building

2012 will forever be remembered as the year that London showcased itself as the event capital of the world.

It does not end there…

Zing Events has portfolio of team building events that suit almost every corporate entertainment request you can imagine.

We have team building events that focus on competitiveness, creativity, skill sets, physicality, mental prowess and just for fun activities too such as GPS Treasure Hunts, Evening Events and so many more.

Whatever your budget, however large or small the group size – we have team building activities and entertainment programmes that are guaranteed to leave you blown away! Our programmes are created with a strong emphasis on being more current and less awkward which a recent survey by YouGov showed to be synonymous with the industry.


Christmas team building

With the weather in rapid decline and the summer parties feeling more and more of a distant memory – many peoples thoughts are now focusing on Christmas team building events in London.

Zing Events have a real Christmas cracker for you! We have adapted our extremely popular Zing Show evening entertainment event and created a completely bespoke and novel event called the ‘Christmas Show’. High in class and low on cheese – fronted by the best gameshow host in the business!

With many venues already fully booked for Christmas parties, you may think it’s too late? Panic over! The Christmas Show is fully mobile and can even be run in your office space! Zing Events provide the very latest in sound equipment, HD projectors, screens and much much more – as standard!

Let Zing Events run your office christmas party this year.


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Team building explained…

For years now, people’s perception of team building has been synonymous with images of people building rafts, taking part in ‘awkward’ trust exercises, or being stranded whilst orienteering in the middle of nowhere.

It may come as a surprise to a lot of people to learn that things have actually evolved; no more so than some of Zing’s new and original team building ideas that are delivered all over the UK and further afield.

A survey by Vodafone UK and YouGov has concluded the UK staff have become turned off by team building as they often breed ‘awkwardness’.  According to the survey, experiences like being blindfolded and led by colleagues are considered the least effective team-building activities.

Findings showed the most effective events are social events like going out for a drink or a meal; ‘The Zing Show’ – in our opinion is the ultimate team building event currently available. It will blow your mind! It’s the most interactive, fun, fast-paced and down-right entertaining event you will ever share with colleagues. It is a fully blown production that includes stand-up comics, live music and quiz questions. http://www.zingevents.co.uk/events/the-zing-show.html


If you are looking for a high energy, inclusive and fun event suitable for everyone. If you want an engaging event which will have everyone laughing, and which has the Olympics at its heart then The Olympian is definitely the event for you. Every single element of this event has been carefully choreographed to reflect the Olympic theme and the fun, high quality activities are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and fantastic memories. With a mixture of mental, physical and skill challenges to cover most of the 39 Olympic disciplines there will be something for everyone, and the strong team work element will have everyone laughing and working together. http://www.zingevents.co.uk/events/the-olympian.html